A Poem on Life With Tourette’s

It’s hard to see the world behind bars.

Locked in a cage I was born in

The sea-foam of the world skips my face

taunting me

The bars hold me back.

They expect a bigger man

why can’t they see that I am a child imprisoned?

I’m on an in-between level

I’m afraid I’ve lost my mind.

Sanity slips through my fingers,

I cannot grasp it.

The bars hold me back.

Definitely a human being

but they refuse to see my values!

my morals!

What kind of a person I want to be.

A mere twitchy-glitch in my speech

and the world sets me aside?!

People can be so cruel,

and it’s their unfortunate rules we must abide.

I try to speak out

I try to reach out

but the bars hold me back.

I thought I was all alone

alas there are others behind bars too

Tons of people just like me

who know what I’m going through.

I am a human- being,

I don’t care if they can’t see;

I can still make our world a better place,

and that I’m okay with being me.

Shanel McElwain


Burning Bright

Burning Bright

The fire is burning bright

It is our only light

The ghost of a boy left forgotten

Dances across the screen

Water flowing over our gentle souls

Carrying away all the pain

Over and over and over again

Voices echo through my mind

If nature is so beautiful

Why do you tear me down

I am a part of nature

Significant as the leaves

I am the only one

who is true to myself

So why is my worth

not as valuable as yours?

– Alanna Quintero

I’ve Been Bullied

I’ve Been Bullied

I’ve been bullied for as long as I can remember, mostly name-calling. Lately, I’ve started this thing with myself, where very week, or every month, I write the names I’ve been called on a piece of paper.







And more that aren’t very appropriate. I then look down at all the names, reading them once more, before ripping it up. This symbolizes that they are gone now, they’re in my past. I take out another piece of paper, and write the opposite of these words.





Average/Chubby (in an adorable way)

And hang it up somewhere I will see it every day, and remind myself that’s who I am.

Those words define me, not the others that are ripped up in my trashcan. Remember, there are always people who will love you.

– Cassi Budd