Our Past

As we grow older, blocking out the memory of who we once were becomes a fail-safe coping mechanism. This isn’t a safe practice. In forgetting our personal history we also forget the proper way to sympathize for those who’s present is very much a mirror of our own past. I believe it’s important to hold on to your experience and to recognize yourself in other people.




Camera 360

When I was in grade one, my best friend’s friend was physically disabled. She could think just like us but she couldn’t walk or speak properly. I was very embarrassed of her and never thought of her her as my friend. But now I think of her. I feel bad as for what I did to her and I see who she is. Although I can accept her now, perhaps she is over me because she is in Korea and I’m here. If I see her, I just want to hold her hand for the first time.


Love is Love


Love is love. It doesn’t matter that you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or normal. Those people who are not “straight” have to stand the misunderstanding from others. People said “God made anything” but when they face gay, they said “You chose it by yourself”, that is kind of unfair. I think those people have their own right to get marriage, spend the rest of their lives with some more understanding. Let them have more chance. Freedom and brave to love? No one wants to face own empty pillow when they need their lover to be there.

Francine Zhou

The Climb


In our society, we often hold ourselves back from following our hearts. This can be caused by peer pressure, prejudiced thoughts, or the idea of what society labels as “acceptable”. The point is we can’t let society or that voice inside our head stop us from doing what’s right. Having faith and moving forward is what matters in the end because life is all about the climb.

The text in this image is taken from “The Climb” performed by Miley Cyrus.

Natasha Rahman



Nowadays society tells young girls to be a certain way (whether they are skinny enough or pretty/sexy enough) instead of just letting them grow into the individual that they chose to be. The girl in the middle of the picture has no color because it reflects on her self-esteem/insecurities, she wears jewelries, makeup & a frown on her face to show that she is the product of our society & yet she doesn’t feel like she’s enough and that she is not happy. The girls that wore colorful clothing shows contrast to how children should be at that age (playful and innocent) versus the girl in the middle who was molded my society.